Computer Vision and other Fun

Jamil Draréni

My name is Jamil Draréni. I completed my Ph.d in 2010 after 5 years at both Univerisité de Montréal (Canada) and INRIA-Rhône-Alpes (Grenoble, France) under the supervision of Sébastien Roy and Peter Sturm. My thesis revolved around pushbroom (linear) camera and video projector plane based auto calibration, shape reconstruction using cast shadow and object tracking using meanshift.
Throughout my thesis I was lucky to take part at exciting applied project in the field of orthodontics and digital art in collaboration with the SAT (Society for Art and Technology).

Upon my thesis completion, I moved to Paris where I joined IMAGINE lab (ENPC) as a postdoc fellow. I worked with Renaud Keriven and Renaud Marlet on indoor reconstruction using line segments. This was a unique opportunity to work with an exteremly talented team that was behind one of the most accurate structure-from-motion system.
Paris was also the city (cliché aside!) where I met the love of my life :-) .

I came back to Montreal where I decided to leave the academia and gain experience in the industry. My first job was at Touchtunes where I worked on jukebox devices (general dev and some 3D UX) and helped with the development of a photobooth system.

After that, I joined Cadens Imaging (now Imagia) where I was assigned several medical imaging tasks such as visualization and surface fitting. Probably the most challenging and assignment was the development of an RPC-like UI based on websocket. This was a great opprtunity to explore the medical imaging field.

My next position took me (remotly) to one of my favourite country: Germany. Indeed, by February 2016 I started to work for MAXXON the company that brought to the artists when of the best 3D modeling tool namely, Cinema4D. My main duty was the development of a VR rendering for Cinema4D. I also worked a little bit with OpenVDB.

Since December, 2017 I work for RedGiant where I develop plugins for After Effects and Premiere Pro. I am also given the chance to work on great challenges in computer vision applied for the VFX industry with the help of masters in the field of VFX and motion graphics.